Printing PolyJet? Your Guide to the Benefits of Automation Utilizing SVC Technology

Printing PolyJetIn our latest White Paper, we’re tackling the dilemma of how to achieve increased productivity and consistency for the tedious task of PolyJet support removal.  Whether printing with SUP705 or SUP706, each presents their own challenges. The SUP705 material adheres to the part more firmly, so when applying intense force with legacy methods such as water blasting, you can easily damage fragile portions of a print. With SUP706, as it is a softer support material, you run the risk of being overly aggressive and damaging the print with manual methods.

This new White Paper includes results from testing of both SUP705 and SUP706 PolyJet parts in our software-driven DEMI Support Removal solution, demonstrating how our patented SVC technology can minimize touch time, breakage, and the learning curve of automation to advance your additive manufacturing operation.

Download the White Paper HERE.

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