Recorded: Friday May 22, 2020
Speaker: Dean VonBank, VP Strategic Partnerships

The Role of Sustainability in Post-Processing

Sorry you missed it… but it’s not too late!

Sustainability will be a key component to the success of the AM revolution.

Whether you’re 3D printing in a prototyping environment in small quantities or in high volume production manufacturing, considerations for operational health, safety, and sustainability are an issue at any scale. So as widespread adoption of Additive Manufacturing is underway, are the industry’s processes aligned to ensure safe and effective operation through the final post-processing step?

Often missed is the identification of operational health, safety, and sustainability issues within additive manufacturing post-print processes. This can include employee safety, workplace hazards, process waste, environmental impact, and more.

Download this webinar to hear about various health, safety, and sustainability issues seen in various common additive manufacturing post-printing scenarios. You’ll learn about steps that can be taken today can help improve your 3D printing operation for a more sustainable tomorrow.

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