Study: Health & Safety During 3D Printing and Post-Processing

Additive manufacturing has revolutionized every industry that has adopted it, streamlining processes and adding the unprecedented potential for any manufacturer in terms of innovation and performance. However, like any other manufacturing process, additive manufacturing may be associated with some hazards if not implemented correctly, and Additive manufacturers across the globe need to know which hazards can be related to 3D printing and post-processing and how to mitigate those risks. Implementing preventive health & safety measures in the 3D printing process will be game-changers in terms of improving the sustainability of AM and its productivity in the near future.

Today, the topic of health and safety in additive manufacturing is not a major focus by manufacturers. Though we all know that health and safety at work are no longer just an option; they are becoming the foundation of a sustainable organization. If additive manufacturing wants to challenge traditional production processes long-term, it must consider all health and safety aspects. The Additive Conseil Sécurité is the first to provide an in-depth report on the health & safety aspect of 3D printing and post-processing.

Download this comprehensive study to discover – 
– Common health and safety concerns for 3D printing and traditional post-processing and the associated risks, assessing hazards from a health and safety standpoint for additive manufacturers.
– Potential dangers for each printing process including SLA, SLS, MJF, FDM, DDD, MIM, MJF, DMLS, and SLM.

– Considerations for each process and additional safe post-processing methods reinforced by the integration of digital and automated solutions.


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