PostProcess Solves Post-Printing Challenges for
Composite and Ceramic-Filled Resins


Buffalo, NY, USA, March 17, 2022 – PostProcess announced today a revolutionary new solution for resin removal as a part of its offering of automated and intelligent additive manufacturing post-process solutions. Building on its existing portfolio of resin removal technologies and after extensive development and testing, this groundbreaking chemistry formulation, PLM-405-SUB, is proven to remove both excess resin and ceramic filler residue from 3D printed parts simultaneously in one detergent.

Traditional resin removal for composite filled resins, such as processing in IPA, results in a white chalky residue left on side walls and feature surfaces of the 3D printed part. Today significant manual labor is typically required to scrub excess residue from parts after the initial resin removal step, which inhibits the ability to scale up to production-level operations. The PostProcess automated solution, including the new PLM-405-SUB chemistry formulation utilized in the DEMI 400™ and DEMI 800™ Series reduces the reliance on manual labor and ultimately reduces cycle times, process steps, and typical operational risk factors associated with other solutions.

PostProcess’s partners are already recognizing the benefits of using PLM-405 in the resin removal workflow. Eric Romano, Product Manager Somos® at materials manufacturer Covestro states, “PostProcess is the recommended solution for our Somos® PerFORM HW that automates DLP/LCD resin removal for our customers. PostProcess Technologies solutions allow for deeper ultrasonic cleaning on intricate parts with fine features and crevices that are not suitable for cleaning with alternative methods.”

“Until now post-print processing of parts made with composite-filled resins has been an overwhelming challenge in the additive industry and with this solution we are happy to be the first and only provider of automated resin removal for composite-filled resins,” stated Rich Caplow, PostProcess VP of Product. “As a part of PostProcess’ comprehensive hardware, software, and chemistry approach, our newest resin removal solution achieves unprecedented processing times and end part consistency.“

Learn more about the new chemistry in our white paper:


About PostProcess:
PostProcess is the leader in automated and intelligent post-printing solutions for 3D printed parts. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Buffalo, NY, USA, with international operations in Mougins, France, PostProcess removes the bottleneck in the third step of 3D printing – post-printing – through patent-pending software, hardware, and chemistry technologies. The company’s solutions automate industrial 3D printing’s most common post-printing processes with a software-based approach, including support, resin, and powder removal, as well as surface finishing, resulting in “customer-ready” 3D printed parts. Additionally, as an innovator of software-based 3D post-printing, PostProcess solutions will enable the full digitization of AM through the post-print step for the Industry 4.0 factory floor. The PostProcess portfolio has been proven across all major industrial 3D printing technologies and is in use daily in every imaginable manufacturing sector.

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