White Paper - Validating the First Automated Resin Removal Solution for Composite / Filled Resins

This paper examines newly released Automated Resin Removal Solution using our latest detergent specifically designed for Composite / Filled resins. As the first resin removal chemistry formulation that removes both resin and SiO2 from Vat based Photopolymerization composite / filled resins in one solution, this paper reviews the effectiveness across a range of materials, safe operations, and process optimizations as compared to traditional alternatives such as isopropyl alcohol (IPA).

Download this comprehensive White Paper to discover – 
– Challenges and opportunities for 3D printing composite / filled resins
– Testing and validation of the new resin removal detergent against other typical solvents (IPA, DPM, TPM)
– Recommended process parameters for specific resins
– How to reduces the reliance on manual labor and ultimately reduces cycle times, process steps, and typical operational risk factors associated with other solutions

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