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The webinars offered during Unlock AM LIVE explore the key considerations and drivers to the growth of the additive manufacturing market, with a focus on the post-print step. You’ll gain insights and see innovations to help understand the possibilities to streamline, optimize, and accelerate the additive workflow, no matter what print technology or scale of operation. 

Monday, May 18th
Designing Your AM Part for Post-Printing Success: Polymer Support Removal

Optimizing your AM workflow begins with keeping the end in mind. Often times, the post-print process, when not taken into consideration during design, can add unnecessary cost and labor to achieve customer-ready results. This webinar will cover key considerations specific to FDM and PolyJet Support Removal.

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Wednesday, May 20th
Connecting the Future of AM: Live Digital Thread Demo

How will tomorrow’s additive workflow achieve end-to-end digitalization? The promise of additive’s widespread adoption hinges on its ability to serve the factory floor of the future. But how can this be achieved with today’s disconnected process steps and heavy manual intervention?

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Friday, May 22nd
The Role of Post-Printing in AM’s Sustainable Future

Whether you’re 3D printing for prototyping or production, considerations for health, safety, and sustainability are an issue at any scale. So as widespread adoption of AM is underway, are the industry’s processes aligned to ensure safe and effective operation through the final post-print step?

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Meet our Guest Webinar Presenters

We’re excited to have these additive industry thought leaders join us to share their vision of what unlocking AM means to them.

Tuesday, May 19th
Unlocking AM: Introducing The First Additive Manufacturing Platform for Production

Join Evolve Additive Solutions to learn how innovative manufacturing solutions can enable AM in revolutionary new ways.

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Thursday, May 21st
Link3D’s Vision to Unlock the Potential of Additive Manufacturing at Scale

Join Link3D for an interactive discussion on the future of additive manufacturing in Industry 4.0 and the importance of an MES.

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