Proprietary Technology Approaches

SRF – Suspended Rotational Force

SRF is utilized in our Surface Finish family of solutions. A circulating motion, horizontal or vertical, while immersed in a mixture of composite abrasive and fluid for applying even mechanical force at the surface level.

Suspended – A microscopic layer of detergent creates a film around the media to keep the part suspended.
Rotational – The part cycles during the dwell phase to support uniform contact and friction.
Force – Digitally tuned oscillation controls the amplitude, in turn controlling the G-force applied to the part.

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TAF – Thermal Atomized Fusillade

TAF is utilized in our Hybrid DECI Duo. Two perpendicular single-axis jet streams comprised of compressed air, detergent and suspended solids providing targeted blast sequences while utilizing 360° part rotation for maximum surface exposure.

Thermal – Leveraging heat when necessary to operate in temperature ranges required for optimal Chemical Rate of Removal (cRoR).
Atomized – Balancing & varying both liquid and air pressures to reduce our chemistry to exact particles for precise accuracy while protecting fine feature details.
Fusillade – A sequence of controlled jetting, either simultaneously or in rapid succession, to support a variety of geometries and throughput requirements.

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SVC – Submersed Vortex Cavitation

The patented SVC is utilized in our Support Removal family of solutions. A rotating motion while immersed in the fluid for disposing support material and providing even exposure to induced mechanical agitation.

Submersed– Part fully immersed and suspended in proprietary PPT detergent.
Vortex – Swirling fluid to create a tumbling effect through strategic pumping scheme.
Cavitation – Formation of vapour bubbles during ultrasonic process creating high-frequency pressure waves to agitate a liquid and break loose from the support material.

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VVD – Volumetric Velocity Dispersion

VVD is utilized in our Support Removal family of solutions. A series of high volume and flow jet streams spraying bidirectionally, coupled with a perpendicular linear motion for mechanically assisted support removal.

Volume – Detergent is pumped at a rate of 150 GPM.
Velocity – High-speed mRoR to dispose of support material as it weakens.
Dispersion – AUTOMAT3D can control the pressure, spray pattern, and rack travel for targeted agitation.

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